NOVEL3S VIS Scanning Touch Screen Spectrophotometer


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NOVEL3S VIS Scanning Touch Screen Spectrophotometer 325-1100nm S/B 2nm Auto Cell

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  • NOVEL3S visible spectrophotometer adopts an advanced proportional dual-beam optical path system, low-noise circuit design, and has excellent reliability and stability. It can meet a wide range of application needs from daily analysis to scientific research.
  • Main feature:
    • Adopting advanced optical, mechanical and electrical design, with high performance and cost performance.
    • Using 8-inch color LCD Touch Screen, flexible and convenient operation.
    • Adopt proportional double-beam optical path structure, and configure high-performance “blaze holographic grating” with low stray light and high-resolution monochromator, with good optical accuracy and measurement accuracy, reproducibility and stability.
    • With unique automatic adjustment “0” adjustment “100”, automatic 8-hole sample holder.
    • It has various advanced functions such as full-band scanning, sub-band scanning, kinetic time scanning, GOTOλ, linear regression, direct concentration reading, peak and valley detection.
    • Adopt thermal printer (optional), which can perform data printing, spectral scanning, fixed wavelength time scanning, linear regression and other curves.
    • With USB interface, it can directly interact with the PC, strengthen the processing functions of instrument detection data, scanning atlas, etc., realize the mass storage of test documents, and also provide convenience for users’ secondary development.
    • Advanced power-off protection measures, which can memorize the measured data, scan spectrum, regression equations and instrument correction values, etc., and realize the rapid initialization of the start-up and enter the test state.


    • Thermal printer
    • COLO UV spectroscopy software
    • Wi-Fi Lamp control
    • Smart Phone
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90 x 60 x 90 cm


One Size Fits all

Spectral Bandwidth nm


Auto WL, Scanning Function, Silicon Photodiode Detector, Single Beam, Touch Screen, Tungsten Lamp, Vis

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