NOVEL2S VIS Scanning Touch Screen Spectrophotometer


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NOVEL2S VIS Scanning Touch Screen Spectrophotometer 325-1100nm Spectral Bandwidth 4nm

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NOVEL2S is visible spectrophotometer, combined with ARM processing core. Automatic wavelength makes the instrument have the test speed and function of high-end instruments. It can meet the qualitative and quantitative analysis of most samples in the visible spectrum range of conventional laboratories. It is suitable for application in the departments of medicine and health, clinical examination, biochemistry, petrochemical industry, environmental protection and quality control.

Technical Specification:

  • 7-inch color touch screen, realize simple and effective human-computer interaction, and clearly display test data and scan results.
  • Built-in thermal printer (optional), to achieve the printout of test results, facilitates the formation and storage of data reports.
  • USB communication port and optional COLO visible spectrum software, realize data and map processing functions, and storage of massive data files, and provide convenience for customers’ secondary development.
  • With full-band scanning, sub-band scanning, dynamic time scanning, automatic wavelength, linear regression, concentration direct reading, peak and valley detection, timing printing and other functions.
  • Advanced power-off protection measures can memorize test data, scan spectrum, regression equations and instrument correction parameters to achieve rapid initialization.
  • Automatic light door technology, no need for black body, protect photoelectric sensor.
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90 x 60 x 90 cm


One Size Fits all


5 years

Spectral Bandwidth nm


Auto WL, Scanning Function, Silicon Photodiode Detector, Single Beam, Touch Screen, Tungsten Lamp, Vis


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