ANB-LOIRE 82g/0.01mg 220g/0.1mg Semi-Micro Balance

ANB-LOIRE Semi-Micro Analytical Balance Internal Calibration 82g/220g 0,01mg/0,1mg

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  • COLO ANB-LOIRE series of electronic analytical balance with high-precision electromagnetic balance sensor. High resolution large LCD screen, for a variety of environments, display clarity. Such balance with automatic fault detection, overload protection, unit conversion, percentage and built-in RS232 interface for connecting computers, printers and other equipment to facilitate the recording and processing of data.
    • Capacity: 62g/120g  120g/220g
    • Readability – 0.01mg/0.1mg
    • Repeatability – ± 0.2mg
    • Linearity – ± 0.2mg
    • Pan Size – Ф80mm
    • Output Interface – RS232C/USB (optional)
    • Dimensions (L * W * H) – 340mm × 215mm × 350mm
    • Net Weight – 6000g
    • Power Supply – Universal Adaptor AC 110-240V.
    • Display: LCD with Backlight,
    • Unit: g, ct, oz, lb, GN, %, pcs
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