BSCAB270 Biosafety Cabinet Class II A2



BSCAB270 Biological Safery Cabinet Class II SIT2 

BSCAB270 Biological Safety Cabinet Class II A2, constructed a a three protection  to protect operator, sample and environment. Audio and visual alarm - Abnormal air flow velocity, Filter replacement, Front window at unsafe hight.

70% air recirculation 30% air exhaust
Front window - tempered glass
UV illumination
Fluorescent Illumination
HEPA filter 99,999% particle retention
Motorized Door opening safety to 200mm/ Max to 370mm
Table top type - easy to carry and save space
Remote control for all fucntion
LED Display
Wind speed 0,2 - 0,6 m/s
Power supply: 220V AC
Noise: <62dBA 



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