LACE-LION Refrigerated Microcentrifuge 15000rpm/21400xg

  • Max. Speed: 15000rpm/21400xg
  • 24×1,5/2ml  rotors included


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In order to meet the needs of separation and sedimentation of low temperature samples, COLO has launched a desktop high-speed refrigerated centrifuge LACE-LION. The compact LACE-LION has the characteristics of reliable operation, ultra-low noise, high strength sealing, and fast cooling speed. And the rotor can be replaced according to the needs of different samples. The smallest centrifuge tube can reach 0.2 ml (4 * PCR plate)
and the largest centrifuge tube can reach 5 ml (12 * 5ml).

  • Max. Speed: 15000rpm/21400xg
  • 24×1,5/2ml  rotors included
  • Improved system for opening the lid in case of power failure
  • Temperature setting range -10C to 40C
  • Safety Measure: lid lock
  • Speed and breaking adjustment in 10 ramping step
  • Pre cool option to adjust chamber temperature to the settings value
  • Timer: 1sec-99 min 59 sec
  • Conversion of RPM and RCF
  • Overheating and overweighting prevention mechanism
  • Power Supply: 220V AC
  • Display shows rotation speed, time, rotor number, and RCF
  • Noise: <50dBA



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Optional Rotors

R21427 Swing out Rotor 6x9ml for COLOCYT Centrifuge

R21428 Swing out Rotor 6x30ml for COLOCYT Centrifuge


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