LACE-NEMO Low Speed Centrifuge 5000rpm


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LACE-NEMO Low Speed Centrifuge 5000rpm/4800xg 4x250ml


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LACE-NEMO centrifuges is widely used in the fields of biology, chemistry, medicine, agriculture and forestry, food safety, blood stations, clinical trials and other fields of experiments and scientific research. With a variety of tube racks and adapters, it is ideal choice for clinical testing and laboratory analysis.

Through crystal-clear TFT touch-sensitive screen you can adjust working parameters, read current rotor parameters, speed and relative centrifugal force, as well as the current temperature in the chamber.

  • Max. speed: 5000rpm
  • Max RCF: 4800
  • Touch screen settings
  • 20 Operating programs
  • Noise <55 db
  • Temperature in chamber displayed
  • Brush-less motor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Brush-less motor provide stable operation and low noise
  • A built-in condensate collection vessel reduces the risk of contamination
  • Microprocessor based technology, easy and direct operation interface
  • Stainless steel sample compartment with corrosion resistant coating
  • Imbalance detection safety system
  • It has various early warning functions such as over-speed, over temperature, unbalance, under-voltage and over-voltage, three-stages damping and shock absorption,
  • Special combination damping device, which makes the motor run safely and reliably, prevent the sample from resuscending to achieve excellent centrifugal effect.
  • Different types of optional rotors available
  • Special damping and shock absorption, which makes the motor run safely and reliably, and achieve excellent centrifugal effect
  • Cover lead shock absorbed provide easy and smooth operation with sample


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Technical Specification

Display Type

Touch Screen

Rotor Included

12X1,5/2 ml

Technical Details

Optional Rotors

R21427 Swing out Rotor 6x9ml for COLOCYT Centrifuge

R21428 Swing out Rotor 6x30ml for COLOCYT Centrifuge


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