Laboratory Balances

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  • ANB-MEUSE Micro Balance Touch Screen

    Micro Balance
  • ANB-LOIRE Semi Micro Balance

    Semi Micro
  • ANB-TAGUS Semi Micro Balance

    Semi - Micro
  • ANB-EBRO Analytical Balance Touch Screen

    Internal Calibration
  • ANB-RHINE Analytical Balance

    7 inch Touch Screen
  • ANB-DVINA Analytical Balance

    Detachable Display
  • ANB-SIENE Analytical Balance Touch Screen

    Internal Calibration
  • ANB-SIRET Analytical Balance

    Internal/External calibration
  • MILICT Precision Balance Internal Calibration

    Touch Screen
  • MILIA Precision Balance External Calibration

    External Calibration
  • MILIC Precision Milligram Balance 1mg

    External calibration
  • CENK Precision Balance Touch Screen

    High Capacity
  • CENTIX High Capacity Precision Balance

    3/4/5 kg /0,01g
  • CENE Laboratory Precision Balance

  • CENS Precision Balance 0,01g

    LED Display, Linear Calibration
  • CENSA Precision Balance 0,01g

    LCD Display Linear Calibration
  • CENSD Precision Balance 0,01g

    Double LCD Display
  • DECO Precision Balance Touch Screen

    0,1g/0,01g Internal Calibration
  • DECB Technical Balance 0,1g

    Back Light, Linear Calibration
  • DECX Technical Balance 0,1g

    Back Light, Linear Calibration
  • TECB Technical Balance 1g

    Remote Display
  • TECX Technical Balance 1g

    Back Light Linear Calibration
  • TECING Industrial Balance High Capacity

  • TECIND Industrial Balance High Capacity

  • CENT600C Precision Balance with Cutter

    textile paper film
  • HYBANB Hydrostatic Analytical Balance

  • HYBADEC Hydrostatic Density Balance

    Hydrostatic - Density

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