TABS-AD80 Horizontalni Autoklav Vakum Pulsni Klase B 80L

  • Ugradjen rezervoar za vodu koji se lako odrzava
  • Vakum sterilizacija potpuno kontrolisana mikroprocesorskim regulatorom
  • Ugradjen printer (opcija)


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  • Features

    • Build-in open type water tank easy-clean
    • Water quality monitor
    • Water filter inside
    • Water level sensor
    • A fully injected water tank can support repeated program running.
    • User friendly operation interface
    • The LCD screen can display temperature, pressure, time, operating status, error and alarm information, etc. It is convenient for users to observe the sterilizer running status.
    • Multiple security protective devices
    • Over temperature automatic protective device, multiple control and protection for steam generator, door safety interlock protection and dual chamber overpressure protection, electronic circuit safety device.
    • Automatic door
    • TABS-AD18/24/45 series adopt automatic door structure, fast and simple operation, protecting operators from scald. TABS-AD60/80I series adopt multipoint synchronous linkage pressing technology, reliable and durable.
    • Efficient vacuum system, low working noise, vacuum lowest limit can reach over -90KPa, vacuum in high speed, perfect drying performance, thorough sterilization.
    • Multiple program types
      • Sterilization programs: Unwrapped, wrapped, rubber, user 01, N-quick, B-quick, prion test program: BD& Helix, Leakage test.
      • Auxiliary program: Preheat, drying, washing.
    • High-efficiency steam generator
      • TABS-AD18/24/45 adopt build-in instant steam generator. TABS-AD60/80I adopts build-in energy-storing type steam generator producing steam in high speed and large quantity.

    Other features

    • Pulse vacuum, heating, sterilization, exhausting, vacuum drying totally automatic.
    • The chamber is heated by film heater, saving energy and time.
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