MAVRICA-900 UV/Vis Skenirajuci Spektrofotometar SB 2nm

MAVRICA-900 UV-Vis skenirajući spektrofotometar je dizajniran da ispuni visoke zahteve za precizno merenje u istraživanju i proizvodnji organske hemije, biohemije, medicinskog testiranja, testiranja hrane, zaštite životne sredine, laboratorija za ispitivanje vode, itd. Najnoviji ARM sistem i dugi optički sistem obezbeđuje visoku tačnost i dobru stabilnost instrumenta. MAVRICA900je  najbolji izbor visokokvalitetnog spektrofotometra.

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  • MAVRICA-900 the UV-Vis scanning spectrophotometer is designed to meet high requirement for precision measurement in the research and production of organic chemistry, biochemistry, medical testing, food testing, environmental protection, water testing industries, etc. The latest ARM system and long optical system ensure high accuracy and good stability of the instrument. They are the best choice of high quality spectrophotometer.
  • Features:
    • 7 inches color screen and windows Graphic interface make the instrument easy to operate.
    • Powerful functions like Photo-metric measurement, Quantitative measurement, Kinetics, Spectrum scan, DNA/Protein test, Multi-wavelength test, …
    • In-house massive memory is capable of saving up to 1024M for test data & working curves.
    • The USB port can be used for data transfer, which is easily exported to Excel for further processing.
    • Large sample chamber allows cuvettes of various specifications
    • Auto 8-cell holder is optional
    • Plug type deuterium and tungsten lamp can make lamps switching without optics debugging


Шифра производа: PRO3284-1 Категорија:

Auto WL, D2 Lamp, Scanning Function, Silicon Photodiode Detector, Single Beam, Tungsten Lamp, UV/Vis


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