NOVEL4S Scanning Spectrophotometer 190-1100nm



NOVEL4S Scanning Spectrophotometer 


 The NOVEL4S - UV-VIS spectrophotometer, combined with the ARM processing core, auto-wavelength enables the instrument to have the test speed and functionality of high-end instruments. It can meet the qualitative and quantitative analysis of most UV-visible spectral range samples in conventional laboratories. Suitable for medical and health, clinical testing, biochemistry, petrochemical, environmental protection, quality control and colleges and universities.

  • Main feature:
    7-inch color touch screen for clear and effective human-computer interaction, clear test data and scan results.
    USB communication port and optional UVwin8 UV spectrum software to realize data and map processing functions, as well as storage of massive data files, and facilitate the secondary development of customers.
    With full-band scanning, sub-band scanning, dynamic time scanning, automatic wavelength, linear regression, concentration direct reading, peak and valley detection, timing printing and other functions.
    Advanced power-off protection measures, which can memorize test data, scan maps, regression equations and instrument correction parameters for fast initialization.
    With halogen tungsten lamp and D2 lamp life protection function.
    Power supply 220V 50Hz 180W


Price - from 3.700 

NOVEL4S Spectrophotometer
VAT and transport costs not Included


 Measuring method Single Beam
 Monochromator self collimation
 Focal length 160mm 
 Grating 1200 lines/mm
 Detector Sillicon Photocell
 Spectral Bandwith 2nm
 Wavelenght settings Touch screen input
 Wavelength range 190 - 1100nm
 Wavelength accuracy ±1nm
 Wavelength repeatability ≤ 0.3nm
 Wavelength scanning speed fast, medium and slow
 Light source switching wavelength 340nm
 Stray light ≤ 0.1% (T) (measured in Nal at 220 nm) (measured by NaNO2 at 360 nm)
 Photometric range  0.0 ~ 200.0% T
-0.301 ~ 4.000A
 0.000 ~ 9999C
 Photometric accuracy ±0.5%T
±0.004Abs (0 - 0.5A)
±0.008Abs (0.5 - 1A)
 Photometric repeatability ≤0.2%T
0.002Abs(0 - 0.5A)
0.004Abs(0.5 -1 A)
 Baseline straightness ≤±0.003A
 Noise 100% (T) ≤ 0.2% (T)
0% (T) ≤ 0.1% (T)
 Baseline drift ±0.004Abs/0.5h
Pharmaceutical, helthcare, electronics,



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