DRYS Laboratory Drying Oven

DRYS Colo laboratory drying oven

DRYS laboratory drying oven with digital microprocessor display. 

Digital temperature control
High temperature uniformity
Heating temperature range RT+5 to 250°C
Corrosion resistant steel chamber with rounded corners
Built in glass for sampe opservation
Auto control fan speed
Function self check in
Shelves 2 supplied
Timer function 0 - 9999 min


Volume 30L 53L 80L 136L 220L
 Voltage 220v 50Hz
 Temperature range RT+5°C -  250°C
 Temperature resolution 0,1°C
Temperature stability ±1°C
 Ambient temperature +5°C ≈ 40°C
 Power  750W 850W 1100W 1550W 2050W 
 Shelves  2 2 2 2  2
 Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior cm 350 x 320 x 350 400 x 350 x 350 450 x 400 x 450 550 x 450 x 550  600 x 500 x 750

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We are Producer and Distributor for Laboratory Equipment, Lab Consumable, Services and Repair Instruments.

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 +386 590 48 880
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