VERS32 Vertical Autoclave


COLO VERS32 Vertical Steam Sterilizer of 40/60/80 liters capacity, allows for exceptionally fast heating up and completion of the entire sterilization cycle. It is exceptional for sterilization in the fields of healthcare, veterinary medicine, and scientific and research facilities where it is necessary to sterilize both solid and liquid substances, instruments, and textiles on the temperatures up to 134ºC.
The main body parts are made of stainless steel, and the temperature and time regulation is done via precise but user friendly digital control system.

Jednostavno otvaranje i zatvaranje uredjaja
Steriliztion temperature up to 134ºC
Pressure self locking device
Water supply cut protecting
Duble scale indication pressure
Temperature Control: 0,1ºC[/icon
[icon name="icon-ok"] Power 220V/3.5Kw
The work pressure 0.217Mpa
Operation temperature 5≈40°C



Price - EUR 5.250

Steam Sterilizer Portable
Temperature 121°C/134°C
Free EC Shipment
VAT not Included



 Model  Voltage/Power  Chamber size mm   Packing size GW kg 
 VERS3240  220V/3,5Kw  Φ370x380 660x800x990  95
 VERS3260  220V/3,5Kw  Φ370x560 660x800x1100  105
 VERS3280  220V/3,5Kw  Φ370x750 660x800x1250  120



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