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  • MICE8 Mini Table Top Centrifuge

    4000rpm/1800xg 8 x 15ml
  • LACE24 Table Top Centrifuge

    4000rpm/2470xg 24 x 10ml
  • LACE32 Table Top Centrifuge

    5000rpm/4800xg 32 x 10ml
  • LACE-5A Universal Centrifuge

    5000rpm/4640xg max. 4x300ml
  • LACE-5RH Refrigerated Centrifuge

    5000rpm/4730xg Max. Capacity 4x300ml
  • LACE-5AH Large Capacity Centrifuge

    5000rpm/4730xg Max. Capacity 4x800ml
  • LACE-5RS Refrigerated Low Speed Centrifuge

    5000rpm/4730xg Max. Capacity 4x250ml
  • LACE-6AH Low speed Laboratory Centrifuge

    6000rpm/4110xg Max. Capacity 4x180xg
  • LACE-12CH Hematocrit Centrifuge

  • LACE-16W Micro Centrifuge

    16000rpm/19040xg Max. Capacity 10x5ml
  • LACE-16AS High Speed Centrifuge

    16000rpm/20600xg Max. 6x100ml
  • LACE-16RE Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge

    16000rpm/19040xf Max. cap. 10x5ml
  • LACE-16RH High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

    16000rpm/20600xg Max. 8x100ml
  • LACE-16RG Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge

    High Speed Refrigerated
  • LACE-5RM Refrigerated Centrifuge

    High Capacity, Floor standing, Microplate
  • LACE-6RM Refrigerated Centrifuge

    High Capacity, Refrigerated,
  • LACE-12RM High speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

    High speed, Refrigerated, Floor standing
  • LACE-20RM Universal Centrifuge

    High speed, Refrigerated
  • LACE-6RH Refrigerated Centrifuge

    High Capacity, Refrigerated
  • LACE-7RH Refrigerated Centrifuge

    High Capacity, Refrigerated,
  • COLOCYT TLCP Cyto Centrifuge

    Thin Layer Cell Preparation
  • SPINCE12C Multi functional Mini Centrifuge

    up to 12000rpm
  • CRUDE100 Crude Oil Centrifuge

    Crude Oil - ASTM D D1796

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